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Category: Floorcare


Shop Our Range of Floorcare Solutions

Whether you need a powerful Hoover cleaner to handle daily messes or a specialized carpet cleaner for a thorough cleaning, TechSenseShop has you covered. Our product offerings include.

  • Hoover Vacuums & Floor Care: Renowned for their reliability and performance, Hoover vacuums come equipped with the latest in cleaning technology. Perfect for handling pet hair, allergens, and everyday dirt with ease.
  • Hoover Carpet Cleaner UK: Transform your carpets with our Hoover carpet cleaners. Designed to deep clean and refresh your carpets, these cleaners use powerful suction and advanced brush technology to remove stubborn stains and dirt.
  • Hoover Techtronic Floor Care: For those who crave the latest in floor cleaning technology, our Hoover Techtronic range offers smart solutions that make floor cleaning a breeze. Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Specifications & Features 

Feature Description
Technology Advanced suction and brush technology for deep cleaning
Suitability Ideal for all types of floors, including hard floors and carpets
Convenience Easy to use, with features like detachable canisters and automatic cord rewind
Efficiency High-efficiency filters for capturing allergens
Innovation Smart features in the Techtronic range, such as app integration and automated cleaning patterns


Visit us at TechSenseShop to find the perfect floorcare solution for your home. Shop now and transform your cleaning routine with the power of technology.